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For Patients

Overview of your first visit

Your initial visit will be with one of our board-certified providers in either our Fort Mill or West Colombia offices. Our providers will review all old records, imaging, prior treatments, and perform a complete physical examination.


We may need to order additional imaging or tests to determine a specific diagnosis and to develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to each patient. Our goal is to improve your physical function and address any psychological issues to improve your quality of life.

Services We Offer

We are a full service interventional pain medicine practice. We strive to perform a complete evaluation of each patient including a thorough review of previous treatments, surgeries, imaging, and medical records. We will order additional imaging such as MRI, CT, x-rays, or additional tests such as EMG/NCV so that we may have the most complete and up to date information to make an accurate diagnosis specific to each patient.


Once we have a diagnosis for your pain problem, we will create a multidisciplinary treatment plan. This plan may include trials of different classes of medications, referral to physical therapy, aquatic therapy, a physician guided home exercise program, interventional therapies, and an evaluation by our behavioral health provider.


Each treatment plan is customized to improve overall physical and emotional function. We strive to give each patient a better quality of life. It is important, however, that all our patients actively participate in the treatment plan to achieve maximal success in reaching their goals.


  • Interventional pain treatments

  • On-site Behavioral Medicine services

  • On-site EMG/NCVs

  • Back braces, TENS units, knee braces, cervical traction

  • Inhouse UDS

Services We Offer
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