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Referring Physicians


Thank you for entrusting your patients to our providers for management of their chronic pain. Successful treatment of chronic pain requires a thorough evaluation and multi-disciplinary approach to treatment addressing both physical and psychological aspects.

We promise to give each new patient a complete pain assessment including review of previous, treatments, imaging, and medications. Each new patient also has an opioid risk assessment, and is screened for depression and anxiety.

We are happy to order additional work up including imaging and testing as needed. We will develop a comprehensive individual treatment plan for each patient including:

-Medication review and addition or modification

-Interventional therapies

-Referral to physical therapy

-Behavioral Medicine evaluation.

Each treatment plan is geared toward lessening reliance on opioids, improving overall physical function, and improving psychological health by identifying and treating underlying behavioral dysfunction.

Image by Hush Naidoo

Referral Forms

Please download referral forms

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